The Year of the Locust

21 05 2009

This is a true story:

Driving on a fine summer day
In the van, down the highway
The sun was out, the sky was blue
Windows down, then something came through

It was a locust. Oh my. The van then swerved.
Nigh a mailbox. On the curb.
It’s brown thorax skidded across the dash
And I had nothing with which to smash

Antennas and all, it then disappeared
But where, out the window? Where, oh I feared.
Rolled up the windows, and turned on the air
Then a few seconds later I felt something stare.

I looked to my right, reached for my phone.
Realized then, I wasn’t alone
There before me, just through the vent
Appeared something shellish with a head

All the while, the bug gained girth
I sat helpless as the vent gave birth
Eventually the bug crawled oot
While I drove screaming down my route

Pulled off to a gas station, ran away from the van
Looking for a hammer, knife or a man
The bug flew out (I think), with a shudder of its wings
And it seemed calm was everything.

Headed down the road, this time windows down
Still recovering and with a frown.
I felt safer and the van picked up pace
And the locust f lew in and hit me in the face.




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