Growing a pair

9 06 2009

My first foray into gardening came in high school — that’s if you’re excluding the obligatory elementary school planting of a shrub in a styrofoam cup on the first day of spring. corn

Lo and behold one in either a sophomore or junior year, it seemed like a good and entertaining idea to plant corn. Rows and rows of it. To my parents’ horror, they returned from an evening out to find what used to be their flower bed torn up and rows of their very weird child’s new crop. Seeing they could not possibly change this, they said good luck, and went abouts their business.

Summer came and went, as did at the same time a lawn mowing business and the start of a carpentry dynasty, and the damn corn was just not growing. Then I remembered, we lived in the middle of the FREAKING WOODS and deer had probably eaten it. BUT THERE WAS ONE LITTLE SPROUT, a little adorable corn, that against all odds, seemed to grow.

bulldozer By the end of the summer, it semed this little man was ready to pick and be feasted upon, a small bounty from a big pain in the ass. The day I planned to harvest the one crop that made it, I came home only to find that it had been bulldozed by a crew repairing a busted water line in the yard.


And so that was the end of that phase.

Or so I thought.

A bunch of years later, the thought was had that maybe I could plant some herbs. In a little dish. Like everyone else. So I purchase two — Basil and Rosemary, which will be referred to as Baz and Rosario from here on out — along with an 8-lb bag of potting soul and two terra cotta pots. Seems simple enough. basil

Baz and Rosario ended up in the terra cotta pots on my window sill. God only knows where the potting soil went. The bag has gone AWOL. At first it was easy to remember to water them. But then it became easy to forgot. In less than a week, they shriveled.

So I moved Baz and Rosario into my landlords’ flower bed, hoping they would get some good sun outside and passing them by would be a reminder to water them.


No such luck. And we’re only on week two. It’s not looking good.




2 responses

11 06 2009

I remember the corn incident…and how shocked and appalled we were to discover that it had been bulldozed. However, it was also kind of funny.

12 06 2009

I have an aloe plant that I bought at walmart 2 years ago when I started working at the daycare because I wanted to make the kitchen there more homey. He was about 6 inches tall and fit in a pint ice cream container.

2 freezing winters in a room with no heat, 2 roasting summers in a room with no cool, 1 flood, and 2 falls from the countertop later – he is about 3 feet tall and now resides in a mop bucket size container. His arms are bent at a 90 degree in places from his landing on the floor a few times. But he’s HUGE.

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