Hi. It’s me, Stan

16 06 2009

Sports in Pittsburgh. It’s been said before, but there is nothing quite like it.


I’m not going to give you some philosophical bullwag about the spiritual meaning of the Terrible Towel or Marion Lemieux’s back. Or rattle off some impressive stats about a 1982 Pens team or the Pirates, when they used to win things, like games, and not reality-tv winners from India as teammates.

But, it’s still a good question. Why Pittsburgh sports? Is it because of the long dynasty of teams like the Steelers, winning an unprecedented six Super Bowls?

Or the Pittsburgh Penguins with their own great ones, Mario Lemieux, and now, Sidney Crosby, the youngest player to bring home a Stanley Cup? Or that the University of Pittsburgh consistently produces men’s and women’s piergoie teams who are national contenders across the sports? Or the sheer lack of success by the Pittsburgh Pirates that they are one of the most losingest teams in Major League Baseball to that point that many who attend their games do so only for the great Pierogi races?


It is simply, my friends, because of this:

pghdino That someone would place a dinosaur in a Pens jersey.

Because a Pittsburgher giving birth during the Stanley Cup Finals would name her daughter Sydney.

Because there is a Web site dedicated to such similar things, called Steeler Baby.

Because we bury those we love in the colors they love, black and gold.

Because Oliver Onion, Cheesey Chester, Sauerkraut Sal and Jalapeno Hanah are household names.

Because The PensBlog is one of the best blogs written on the Internet and people across the world mourned the closing of The BurghBlog written by PittGirl, who told the city and the Pittsburgh sports world how it really is. And because of that, everyone knows which Pittsburgh sportsmen go by the Duke of Fug and Skeevey.

Or because a girl stood on the roof of a Ford Explorer Saturday at a No Doubt concert oustide Pittsburgh, took off her shirt and held a giant foil Stanley Cup over her head. And because some of No Doubt came out in Pens Jerseys during their encore.

Or because some sinister Detroit fans broke into my friend’s house and spray-painted their dog with a Red Wings Symbol? Knowing it would be the ULTIMATE defiling?

There is a reason they call it Steelers Nation, but there is a reason they call Pittsburgh a sports town.

Yes, it’s the talent and the coaches and the championships and the beer, oh the beer.

But most of all, for all of you people who say there is nothing like cheering for the Boston Celtics or the New York Yankees or the Fighting Irish, it is because of Pittsburgh’s fans and how completely inappropriate and far we will go to show it.




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