Horsing around

23 06 2009

At a very important moment on a very important date, I found out I was allergic to horses. Horribly, horribly allergic to horses.

It wasn’t at a pony farm or the zoo, or at a rodeo. It was on the couch, where all (hopefully) good dates should end up.

Margaritas had been made. An awesome dinner had been eaten. And now it was time for…well you know, the rest.

But something went horribly wrong.

In the midst of, some things, I felt something horribly itchy and painful overcome my bottom lip. My neck was screaming in fire and something just felt…wrong.

I was able to feign having to get a tissue and scurry to the bathroom, where, to my absolute horror, my lips had swelled up pretty ridiculously and embarassingly huge and a giant rash had covered my neck. As if second impressions weren’t more important then the first ones, this was an absolute nightmare.  I looked absolutely ridiculous. And ugly. on top of my own sub-standard looks.


Doing the next best logical thing, I called my best friend, who was, for matters we’ll discuss later was in my basement, and she came upstairs with a cold can of pop. My date, naturally was curious and kind of ” wtf”, and came and saw the hilarity/horror of my swollen mouth on a cold pop can and desperately needing an epi pen.

Trying to pinpoint what happened, we determined that my date, an avid horse person, had come straight from the stables with their beloved equine and right to my house.

Thank god, the swelling eventually went down.




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