The end of a grilling era

15 08 2009

Terrible news.

There’s been an “accident.”

Or, as I refer to it, an incident of tampering-with-deliciousness.

As most of you know, the grill travels in the van with me just about to any and all locations. As does a bag of charcoal, a lighter, cooler, and assorted spices. Why? Because you just never know when you’ll need/want to have freshly grilled and awesome delicious meats.

Over the weekend, I left my van at my dad’s house while out of town. Grill in trunk. All is right with the world.

My dad, whom I love dearly, cleaned my van (because lets face it, when you run a small restaurant out of the trunk, it tends to get messy.) But the grill, whom I also loved dearly, had an “Accident” he says. OR, THE LEG SOMEHOW FELL OFF AND IS UNABLE TO BE SCREWED BACK ON.

Now, it is a $20 walmart apparatus that was purchased in a moment of passion prior to a Pirates game. It has had a tremendous year. It has gone to about 15 pirates games, a handful of state parks, my work’s parking lots, and other events. It has had a lengthy and delicious life. Highlights include grilled bacon (yessss), tater tots (it CAN be done), and the zenith of my magic dust rub.  Some highlights from its career:


Let’s also not forget it helped me overcome my crippling fear of flames.


But it has not been well. Before the leg ‘incident’ (now how the leg fell off is still under investigation but the legal authorities told me to stop calling), a folding chair fell on the lid and formed a small dent.

There are simply no words to say other than, goodbye. I plan to visit Loews and purchase an exquisite new charcoal replica this weekend. But, to the $20 wal-mart grill — it’s been a good run. You will be missed. (especially by Oliver Onion, who won every race he was in when you were in the parking lot.)





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