Gin(ny) and Juice

20 08 2009

church2In the local Internet world, this week was pretty fucking awesome.  For one reason: The return of PittGirl, the famous anonymous Pittsburgh blogger, but she returned as herself, totally awesome Virginia “Ginny” Montanez at her new blog, That’s Church.

Today she wrote she was fired from her job after going public with her identity. A shitty situation for sure but I can only imagine how liberating it might be. (Perhaps I’d sing a different tune though if I was unemployed with two kids.) But you have to give props where props are due for someone who stands behind their work.

I think much credit is due, perhaps in the form of one of those snarky Budlight commercials. (So crack open a cold one, anonymous blogger who has an impeccable use of semi colons, capital letters and parentheses plus much-needed hilarious pseudonyms for real people.)

Everyone I knew who read her her “Burgh Blog” was devastated when she ended it for fear of being outed. She had no bones of telling how you how it really was, calling out the Pirates as the Buccos of Suckitude,  knocking those beloved Steelers down a few pegs when they did something stupid like beat their wives or failing a run test (Baby Cici Donna?). She made things that should be important to Pittsburghers relevant, but made them funny and accessible. I never gave Mayor Luke Ravenstahl a second thought until I read about “Lukey” on her blog. If she can make Pittsburgh city politics just as funny as pigeon-murder, then I’d say there’s a God-given gift.




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