Hold the phony

27 08 2009

As I was searching for the WEATHER, on accuweather.com, I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and caught this clearly digitally enhanced, ludicrous ad.


Here are some things I will not bother to point out, namely the obvious, namely that weight loss transforms people into literally entirely different people.  Others points of obvi (from hereto out noted as “poo”): 1. That weight loss apparently comes with a tan. 2. That weight loss apparently comes with a better haircut. 3. That weight loss comes, apparently,  with sex appeal via some kind of enticing/scoliosis-like  stance.

But the highlight of this picture, and it should go without saying, that the most precious thing about it. is the “Sweet nothing” t-shirt, that the “fat” girl (who, in real life, looks JUST FINE).  Finally, a weight loss product that GETS IT. It understands the elusive fourth reason on everyone’s list for their “weight loss journey.”





One response

29 08 2009

gah! i just hate those things. wth are they thinking?

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